2 min readAug 3, 2019

Yeah, I’m only different. I’m just as good (…hnmm if you agree) to Peter as I am to Paul. However, I’m one thing to a carpenter and a different thing to a sailor. I feed the sailor’s fancy and hail the masculinity of the carpenter, I tell them uniquely peculiar stories. Think about it for a minute, “so, I docked May Flower (ship) neatly after the elegant sail” says the sailor to end the story of his voyage. I set up a pair of elegantly docked wood to begin the long day, says the carpenter. What an oxymoron. Sailor docks to end a journey, the carpenter docks to begin the day.

That’s why I am different, I treat people uniquely. You are unique!


I use data to serve you uniquely, while I am a mere mortal like any other bank. I know you just a bit, but enough to know what thrills you, what catches your fancy, how you start and end your stories, the size of your strides, who your buddies are and how you navigate the city…. so when you are a grandma, I wouldn’t offend you with a “Howdy Sarah” salutation…

I even chose to treat you like a king. It’s free all the way while you even earn money by simply sharing your testimonies. I want you to do your banking transactions with a feeling of play, not with eyes squeezed in despair.

Earn While You Bank With Rubies

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Rubies is a Digital-only bank. We power businesses, fintech, SMEs, communities (clubs, groups, associations, churches, students etc) and Individuals