3 min readJun 5, 2020

Managing your finances can be a hassle. You need to have a budget and become your own personal accountant. Plus, being your own accountant means that you are constantly aware of bills, bills, bills. For example, sometimes when I want to watch my favorite show to relax after a busy day, just as I turn on my DSTV, a notification pops up saying my subscription is expired. I try and remember how I could have forgotten but in that moment it does not matter. I just have to deal with it and try and pay my subscription with my phone, only to find that my data has finished. Worrying about keeping up with bills can get frustrating and every time the need to budget comes up, there are those moments when the utility bills are not adding up and you wonder how you paid this much last month.

Rubies rule book

Thoughts about money management can become extremely irritating especially when there are more important things to do with your time. However, succumbing to your busy schedule and dealing with your accounts in a haze between deadlines can result in budgeting inaccuracies. As a result, you might end up like me; wanting to watch a movie on a Saturday night but being faced with the fact that your subscription has expired. Honestly, there must be an easier way to deal with these bills.

We all want our transactions to be easier, so we knew our team had to figure something out to make banking life easier for people. We had weeks of brainstorming, testing and debates on what can be developed to make this easy for everyone to use and we figured it out. The first step is simply automation.

If we look at a majority of the daily tasks that we do, there is either a mechanized or computerized version of them in existence. From washing machines to a robot that can cook meals — maybe robot chefs are more of a niche project. Still, it does not take away from the fact that everything is becoming automated. This causes us to question why something as time consuming as keeping up with bills should even be done manually.

“With Rule Book, we’re able to automate all our bills payment transactions and make sure our customers get access to easy banking life.”

We are digitizing your budget by introducing Rule Book. Like the name suggests, Rule Book is a feature that allows you to set your own rules for your finances which are kept together in a single digitized book. These rules deal with your transfers, savings, and bills. You have total control over recurring transactions, take, for example, monthly rent. Instead of wasting time calculating the budget and transferring the rent every month, you can leave that to a rule you set up in Rule Book. On a date you want, an amount you want gets transferred to an account you want. Other transactions can also be triggered upon certain conditions that you set. Perhaps once a particular amount enters your account, you want a percentage of it to be moved to your savings account, you can do that with Rule Book. Now the stress is taken away from money management as it should be.

The ease that Rule Book provides should be universal because unfortunately, personal accounting can sometimes be challenging. Happily, once your rules are running you will never have to waste time budgeting. Just set it, forget it, and let RUBIES take care of the rest.




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