Rubies! What and Why?

1 min readAug 3, 2019

Banking isn’t what we set out to do, we simply love inclusiveness…. we wanted a win-win world. Those are our WHYs of Rubies………….

Earn While You Bank with Rubies

The strong following of Rubies shows how badly people want the win-win world! as much as we do…. We need “collectiveness” to achieve whatever we all believe in, that’s why your continuous word-of-mouth campaign is all we need to collectively bring modern-day banking to all….

Historically, time and again we saw WHAT great folks did was NOT as important as WHY they did what they did…. The same holds till today!, Rubies isn’t as important as the WHY of Rubies: Freedom. Control. Inclusiveness. Empowerment. Security!!!

So, sorry I wouldn’t welcome you to Rubies (The What). Instead, I welcome you hardheartedly to the movement for Freedom and Control (The Why) which Rubies happen to represent!

I’m a digital bank, I am Rubies.

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Rubies is a Digital-only bank. We power businesses, fintech, SMEs, communities (clubs, groups, associations, churches, students etc) and Individuals