1 min readAug 3, 2019

Don’t bank with us, no don’t! Play with us instead, yeah… where do you play?

You’ve been served these boring lines long enough: … bank with us, save and win, get prosperous, one family bank,……..

The speed of everything, every other thing aside banking, is neck-breaking. Everything is on steroids these days. Everything is taking double steroidal doses, actually….

Let’s see what changed:

Banks saw “customers”, but there are “social media people”, Banking was the serious thing, social was for unserious people….The customer was the customer”, Bank was “bank”, not anymore!… The bank won, the customer lost! not anymore

We believe what you believe, so we moved quickly, to join you at your playground. We believe you must earn, while the bank earns, win-win… We take banking to where you play, we keep rolling out new playgrounds — a sleek app, dedicated customer service, apps to power social engagements…..

Rubies Independent Banker

What more can you ask for?

I’m a digital bank, I am Rubies. Download me from Playstore…and Appstore

I’m Zara…+234 907 000 4036




Rubies is a Digital-only bank. We power businesses, fintech, SMEs, communities (clubs, groups, associations, churches, students etc) and Individuals